Serge-Fashion Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of knitted underwear & casual wear in Belarus. Trademark SERGE was registered in 1996 in Minsk.

здание, офис, Serge
          The philosophy of our company is a unique attitude to a human body, therefore we pay special attention to a product design and a process of choosing a fabrics supplier. We use only the highest quality materials which together with the ideas of designers turn into stylish and comfortable models. Having our own design studio, we develop each product individually considering all the features and details, we  create comfortable underwear and clothes, which is almost palpable on a body throughout the day.

производство, Serge

      The company annually wins the international competition “Choice of the year” in “Knitted underwear No. 1 in Belarus” nomination. Our factory is equipped with advanced high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers.

shop SERGE Minsk

shop SERGE Minsk

        Every year we open more & more retail shops where SERGE production is represented. Nowadays the company has 195 shops in 7 countries of the world.